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At K.KORONIOTIS, we invite you to take a look at the world from a different perspective thus redefining the VIP experience. We cater to every client’s needs with a wide-range of VIP services, always accomplished with care and professionalism guaranteeing excellent outcome and client satisfaction. Our services include convenient and luxurious transportations in selected high-end vehicles, car rental, dependable security services, reservations, event organizing, spa and luxury care services and more.



With our unmatched transportation services, you won’t have to settle for the average common means. For the land lovers, air travelers or sailors, we provide the utmost sophisticated vehicles- cars, boats or helicopters- ensuring precision and luxurious care-free journeys. All our clients are accompanied by professionally trained and qualified drivers packed with state-of-the-art technology as to insure immediate response and accurate navigation.
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Rental services

Whether you prefer luxurious sports cars or family vans, at K.KORONIOTIS, we offer our customers varied high-performance vehicles to please all tastes and whims. For those who are more inclined towards the sea, we provide all-inclusive boats, all the way to extravagant and deluxe yachts for smooth and safe sailing.
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If what you need is mouthwatering cuisine that will satisfy your taste buds, or serenity and relaxation on the beach, let us suggest reservations in the most exclusive restaurants, bars, clubs, beaches, and live the VIP experience to its topmost.
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Security services

Confide your safety, your property or your business in our highly trained security crew dedicated to assuring your well-being and satisfaction round-the-clock.
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Beauty & Spa

Our exceptional treatments will wash your troubles away, breathing new life into your being and leaving you relaxed in a pool of tranquility and peace of mind. All that is required of you is to rid your mind of negative thoughts, sit back and give in to our team of professionals.
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Private parties and events

Some memories never fade away, and at K.KORONIOTIS, we know what’s important to you. That’s why we make sure to organize an unforgettable event and create an amazing picture that time cannot erase.
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